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The Old Rock Card adds 10% cash back for all customers when the card is filled or refilled. For full-time students and seniors, the Old Rock Card will add 15% cash back. And, in concert with Earth Day, from April 18th to April 22nd, Old Rock will offer a 20% cash back to customers that drive a vehicle that uses an alternative form of energy other than fossil fuel – like a hybrid car.

Sommelier Cards 2015
Old Rock Sommelier Cards for UpFest 2015

Old Rock created the reward program with its customers. “The challenge was to create a reward program that did not discriminate with any type of purchases while rewarding our loyal customers” said Carole Roy, co-owner and master roaster at Old Rock. Therefore, the Reward Program can be used against any purchases at Old Rock stores, which include brewed coffee, espresso drinks, coffee beans, cold drinks like Freddos, pastries, sandwiches, travel mugs and so on. The card can be used at both Old Rock locations at 212 Minto Street and at 93 Durham Street.

We are a 100% Sudbury owned company. Supporting local companies is important for long term sustainability for our city. The program is design to reward those who support our local establishment.” said Luc Roy, co-owner of Old Rock.

Old Rock Roastery has provided Sudburians with locally roasted fair trade and organic single origin and unique coffee blends since 2004. Old Rock was first in Northern Ontario to roast certified fair trade coffee, first with the cash card, first with compostable coffee cups and now first with an integrated reward program on the cash card.