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A journey that will give a new meaning to enjoying coffee.

A quality taste unlike anything you had is our raison d’être.

Carefully Roasted

Old Rock is your sommelier de café. Our master roaster carefully roasts our coffee to meet the high expectations of our customers.

Certified Quality

Old Rock recommends products certified with the following labels:

Fair Trade | Organic | Rainforest Alliance | Coffee Certifications

Award Winning

Recognized often within our communities, Old Rock Coffee is a name gaining some traction in the world of coffee.

2008  2013  2015  2016

Sommelier de café

Roasted in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, our products are made with love in beautiful Northern Ontario. We are your personal “Sommelier de café”.

Experience It For Yourself

Old Rock Coffee is served at several locations in Greater Sudbury & Northern Ontario.

Old Rock Locations & Hours