Los Gatos Espresso

$ 32.00 per LB

Souple espresso with generous crema and wordly taste!

Espresso velouté au crema généreux et au goût suave.


A unique subdued yet intense espresso with delicate acidity and generous crema, both in taste and looks, with teasing chocolate and fruit notes. Our Los Gatos espresso is reminiscent of all espresso qualities we liked during our travels around the world. After several months of trial and error, we arrived with a rare quad blend of worldly coffees and a surprise return in time to coffee’s origin. By far, this is our highest selling espresso.

The Roast Type “Vault” is the French Roast version (darker) of the Los Gatos.  A unique subdued yet intense espresso with balanced acidity and generous crema with teasing dark chocolate and burnt fruit notes.

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